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Mobile Apps

Meteor, Mongo, Bootstrap, Cordova, these are some of the things that excite us the most these days. Mobile App development is undergoing a massive shift, it's changing EVERYthing. We are at the beginning of the third seismic shakeup in online technology (the first was websites, the second social media). The world of communicating is changing again. What it all means is that developing mobile apps is much more accessible to small and medium size businesses than it once was. Developing "our own App" used to be unrealistic for anyone without a huge budget; that is rapidly changing. But being first always counts in technology, so don't ponder too long, jump!

Social Media

Yes, we can most certainly help you understand how to use social media. We've designed effective safe multiuser strategies for large companies. We can also teach you how to do social media, and probably more importantly, how not to. We specialize in social media crisis communication response. In some cases that means monitoring. Its important, and can save you, ask us why. No. We aren't going to direct you to our high volume accounts to show you how many followers we have. Thats not how we work. We encourage you to understand that's not how to measure engagement or effectiveness. We do not generally "do" your social media for you. Maybe. We are open to doing social media for you if thats what you need, but so far it's been better strategically for our clients to manage this in-house.


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